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EBM, Oldschool Industrial, Dark Electro, Future Pop, Avant Garde, Electronic 80s, New Wave, Aggrotech, Neue Deutsche Welle, New Beat, Darkwave, Minimal Electro, Cold Wave, Euro Disco, Romantics & Alternative music of the 80's & 90's.

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(January) new release songs


    Suvla Bay


    In Danger


    Dark History




    Devotion To The Darkangel


    Deepest Fear


    Year Hope Failed


    Dead Man


il Cabaret del Diavolo, established in 2005, was created to bring together a blend of EBM and Electro-Industrial from the 80's and 90's. However, we also play other genres including SynthPop, DarkWave, Aggrotech, New Beat, and Elektronische Musik. Our radio station is sustained by our own resources and we are dedicated to promoting EBM!!!


Our listeners can tune in to our broadcasts in a variety of ways, all with excellent sound quality, as we transmit in both HE AAC V2 and 320 kbps MP3 formats.

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Recently Played Music


A Tribute to Kraftwerk


A Tribute to Javi Delgado

Einstürzende Neubauten

A Tribute to Einstürzende Neubauten


A Tribute to FLA


A Tribute to Laibach


A Tribute to SPK


A Tribute to Nitzer Ebb


A Tribute to And One


A Tribute to Peter Murphy / Bauhaus


11 Jan.

EBM & ElectroDark Night
((live mix))

We cover genres like Electronic Body Music, Darkwave, Gothic, Electro Dark, Ambient, and all their sub- and similar genres. Turn the lights down, and the volume up!

14-15 Jan.
Non-Stop all day

WEEKEND. 14-15 Jan.

Clan of Xymox is a Dutch darkwave and gothic rock band formed in 1981. The band's music combines elements of post-punk, new wave, and synthpop...

18 Jan.
Palma de Mallorca

EBM Classics Vinyl Sessions
((live mix))

Old School Ebm Artists: Nitzer Ebb, Front242, Pouppée Fabrikk, Armageddon Dildos, Vomito Negro, Portion Control, Borghesia, DAF, Leæther Strip, A Split Second, FLA,...

21-22 Jan.
Non-Stop all day

DAF Tribute.
WEEKEND. 21-22 Jan.

The band's music is characterized by its use of electronic instrumentation and aggressive, distorted lyrics delivered in a distinctive, guttural style...

25 Jan.

Absolute Body Control
((live mix))

EBM music club that focuses on playing electronic body music and related genres. The club's DJ session is called Absolute Body Control, which features an eclectic selection of EBM tracks, ranging from classic to contemporary.

28-29 Jan.
Non-Stop all day

WEEKEND. 28-29 Jan.

Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial music group formed in 1982. The band's music features complex electronic instrumentation, distorted vocals, and controversial, often politically charged lyrics...

1 Feb.

80s SynthPop Night
((live mix))

SyntPop & New Romantics: John Foxx, Japan, Gary Numan, SoftCell, Human League, Fad Gadget, New Order, OMD, Ultravox, Visage, Propaganda, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Telex...

4-5 Feb.
Non-Stop all day

SOFT CELL Tribute.
WEEKEND. 4-5 Feb

Soft Cell is an English synthpop duo formed in 1977. The band's music features a mix of synthesizers and traditional instruments, with a focus on catchy melodies and provocative, often dark lyrics...


The space he designed opened in April 1922 in the Hôtel Élite in Rome where it remained until closing in 1924. The Cabaret del Diavolo served primarily as a restaurant where the top echelons of intellectual and artistic society gathered, but the space also hosted occasional theatrical performances, including musical compositions played by Luigi Russolo and poetry readings by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti.


Nel 1913 poco dopo la stampa del manifesto L’arte dei rumori, Russolo presenta il suo intonarumori, un apparecchio grande quanto una stanza d’appartamento, cubisticamente realizzato con leve, casse, mobili, imbuti, altoparlanti, in grado di simulare ululati, scoppi, rombi, stropiccii, gorgoglii, sibili, ronzii, mentre otto anni più tardi con il rumorarmonio ne perfeziona il congegno tecnologico-comunicativo, inventando il mezzo congeniale all’amplificazione di ogni effetto musicale proposto dall’intonarumori stesso.


The ’80s audio equipment Experience. Headphones: Victor HP-D555, Microphone: Sennheiser MD419, Mixer: Vestax DSM310 PRO, Digital Audio Recorder: Sony PCM-F1, Speakers: Pioneer A-27, Audio Amplifiers: Saba 9241, JVC A-10x, Computer: Macintosh II upgraded a Mac OsX + AirFoil, CD Player DJ: Denon DN 2000F, Turntables: Technics SL 1200, Synthesizers: Korg MS 20, Roland Jupiter 6, Moog Minimoog, Korg PS-3200, Roland TR-606 and DIY Intonarumori & Theremin

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We are committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments and events in the Electro-Industrial and EBM scenes. Please let us know if there's anything you'd like us to cover. radio@cabaretdiavolo.com

Djs wanted for guest work at Cabaret del Diavolo. An essential requirement is a passion for EBM, Darkwave and OldSchool Industrial Music radio@cabaretdiavolo.com
Electronic Body Music (EBM) is a genre of electronic music and a subgenre of New Wave that originated in Belgium in the 1980s. It is characterized by its industrial and rhythmic sound. The lyrics of EBM songs are often politically or socially conscious and are often used to convey a message or criticism. EBM developed in Europe and became popular in electronic music clubs and festivals in the early 90s. Some of the more well-known EBM groups include Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, and Skinny Puppy. EBM is characterized by its use of synthesizers and samples to create a powerful and rhythmic sound, and by the use of distorted vocals and sound effects. Electronic drums and powerful bass lines are often used to create a solid rhythmic foundation, and elements of techno and house are often incorporated to give it more movement and energy. While EBM originated in Belgium, it has had an influence on a wide range of electronic music genres and has been adopted by artists and producers around the world. If you enjoy electronic music with an industrial and rhythmic edge, you may enjoy EBM. Electronic Body Music (EBM) è un genere di musica elettronica e un sottogenere della New Wave che ha avuto origine in Belgio negli anni '80. È caratterizzato da un suono industriale e ritmico. I testi delle canzoni EBM sono spesso politicamente o socialmente consapevoli e spesso vengono utilizzati per trasmettere un messaggio o una critica. L'EBM si è sviluppato in Europa e ha avuto successo nei club e nei festival di musica elettronica agli inizi degli anni '90. Alcuni dei gruppi EBM più noti includono Front 242, Nitzer Ebb e Skinny Puppy. L'EBM è caratterizzato dall'utilizzo di sintetizzatori e campioni per creare un suono potente e ritmico, e dall'utilizzo di voci distorte e effetti sonori. Spesso vengono utilizzati tamburi elettronici e linee di basso potenti per creare una solida base ritmica, e vengono incorporati elementi di techno e house per conferirgli maggiore movimento ed energia. Anche se l'EBM ha avuto origine in Belgio, ha avuto un'influenza su una vasta gamma di generi di musica elettronica ed è stato adottato da artisti e produttori in tutto il mondo. Se ti piace la musica elettronica con un tocco industriale e ritmico, potresti apprezzare l'EBM. Electronic Body Music (EBM) ist ein Genre elektronischer Musik und ein Untergenre der New Wave, das in den 1980er Jahren in Belgien entstanden ist. Es zeichnet sich durch seinen industriellen und rhythmischen Sound aus, der von Techno, House und Funk beeinflusst ist. Die Lyrics von EBM-Songs sind oft politisch oder sozial bewusst und werden oft verwendet, um eine Nachricht oder Kritik zu übermitteln.EBM entwickelte sich in Europa und wurde in den frühen 90er Jahren in elektronischen Musikclubs und -festivals populär. Zu den bekannteren EBM-Gruppen zählen Front 242, Nitzer Ebb und Skinny Puppy. EBM zeichnet sich durch den Einsatz von Synthesizern und Samples zur Erzeugung eines kraftvollen und rhythmischen Sounds aus und durch die Verwendung von verzerrten Stimmen und Soundeffekten. Elektronische Drums und kraftvolle Basslinien werden oft verwendet, um eine solide rhythmische Basis zu schaffen, und Elemente von Techno und House werden oft eingebunden, um mehr Bewegung und Energie zu verleihen. Obwohl EBM in Belgien entstanden ist, hat es Einfluss auf eine Vielzahl von elektronischen Musikgenres genommen und wurde von Künstlern und Produzenten auf der ganzen Welt übernommen. Wenn du elektronische Musik mit einer industriellen und rhythmischen Kante magst, könntest du EBM mögen. Electronic Body Music (EBM) es un género de música electrónica y un subgénero del New Wave que tuvo origen en Bélgica en la década de 1980. Se caracteriza por su sonido industrial y rítmico. Las letras de las canciones de EBM suelen ser políticas o socialmente conscientes y a menudo se utilizan para transmitir un mensaje o una crítica.La EBM se desarrolló en Europa y se hizo popular en los clubes y festivales de música electrónica a principios de los años 90. Algunos de los grupos más conocidos de EBM incluyen Front 242, Nitzer Ebb y Skinny Puppy. La EBM se caracteriza por su uso de sintetizadores y muestras para crear un sonido potente y rítmico, y por el uso de voces distorsionadas y efectos de sonido. A menudo se utilizan tambores electrónicos y líneas de bajo potentes para crear una sólida base rítmica, y se suelen incorporar elementos de techno y house para darle más movimiento y energía.Aunque la EBM tuvo origen en Bélgica, ha tenido influencia en una amplia variedad de géneros de música electrónica y ha sido adoptada por artistas y productores de todo el mundo. Si te gusta la música electrónica con un toque industrial y rítmico, es posible que disfrutes de la música EBM.